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Knoppix for newbies

I'm up this late, so I may as well....

a. broadband internet connection
b. CD-ROM and CD burner and associated software
c. blank CD-ROM
d. a friend or acquaintance who is a Linux geek

Go to (or that redirects to and you'll discover that the nice German gent, Klaus Knopper, provides a quick way to get a GREAT Linux product -- FREE!

Follow the obvious Download button links and you can then select the English version by clicking on the AmerEnglish flag at top-left. It takes you here, then to the software 'mirror' page so you can select a site that will give you the likely best download speed.

Just do it! Follow the instructions.

The download is around 699MB. Yes, 699MB. You see, it fits on a normal CD! So, start around midnight and save the file somewhere obvious, like in C:\temp and go for a few hours sleep.

Next morning, using your favourite CD burning software, burn a "disk image" (or ".iso") using the file you have.

When finished, reboot your computer with the new CD in the CD-ROM drive.

Watch closely what happens (first time, anyway.) Interesting, and clever, isn't it! Have a play. Enjoy.

Now, if this hasn;t happened, or can't be done for some reason, find your neighbourhood Linux geek and ask her/him to get you a "Knoppix CD". She/He will know what that is.

Now, here's the interesting part: Knopper and friends have compressed about 2.7GB of programs into the 699MB of files, and it 'extracts' as needed.

Nothing is written to your disks without you wanting it to. It all runs in RAM.

This makes the Knoppix CD a perfect go-anywhere tool so long as you take a floppy or USB memory stick for your data. Neat!

By the way, this was written using the Knoppix disk software runing quite happily on a machine that, without it, woul;d NOT be running on the internet! Knoppix found how to get the hardware talking to the gateway talking to the internet when the 'normal' software didn't have a clue. But, that's a sore point that deserves another entry, later.


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