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"Does God look after His own?"

Here are two stories.

You be the judge. Does "God looks after His own" fit these cases?

The first is mine, written for my Masonic Lodge's monthly notice here in Australia; the second is from a blog written by a friend in the USA.

I was taught to be cautious…

Four of us drove down the Hume Highway to Beechworth, Victoria on Monday 10 January, including my wife Chris’ parents Irene and John, to meet up with Chris’ brother and our sister-in-law from Melbourne. On the Sunday, I had checked the vehicle’s fluids and tyres. You see, I was taught to be cautious...!

We returned by the scenic route on the Tuesday, through to Khancoban, and then across the narrow road that initially heads into the mountains and the Kosciuszko National Park, passing two dams and Cabramurra, before raising the Snowy Mountain Highway at Kiandra. It is closed in winter, and definitely a “road less travelled” in summer.

Chris was driving when we were approaching Cabramurra. I decided a photograph was needed, showing the devastation that the January 2003 fires had wrought on the alpine trees, mostly dead but in some cases sprouting from the roots. I opened the passenger side window. Simultaneously, Chris felt a slight juddering in the steering wheel, and I heard the distinctive clunking of something on a tyre tread hitting the road as we drove.

In a matter of seconds I had decided that we needed to stop. Just then, a suitable place appeared on the road’s edge, and Chris pulled up at it. This flat site was perhaps the only one in several kilometres.

I was met with an utterly deflated driver’s side (right) rear tyre, with the bead rolled off the rim and riding along on the side-wall. The vehicle was still on an even keel; and, it is a front-wheel drive.

The jack and spare tyre were very soon out. After all, I knew exactly where all the kit was: I’d had it out just two days before. I was taught to be cautious, remember!
The tyre was replaced and we were back on the road inside about 15 minutes… because I had dropped the spare wheel off and checked the pressure (which had been down) using the wheel brace in the jack compartment.

So, when in doubt, check. And, be cautious!

2. My friend said...

"Well. You can read the Lansing State Journal account of that crash on I-96 yesterday here:

"2 die in I-96 crashes; 200 vehicles involved; road closed from Webberville to Okemos for 10 hours - Authorities reopen I-96 to traffic just after midnight", January 13, 2005

Thank heavens I dawdled after work yesterday!! Otherwise I'd have been right in the middle of it . . . "


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