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Nose bleeds, and sunrises

Some of the following material WILL be ´gross´ or otherwise unpleasant, so PLEASE leave now if you might be offended by natural bodily functions. Okay!?!

First, sunrises.

I have been awake most of the night and, as I write this, there is more light than the ¨nautical twilight¨ that I used when navigating by the stars as a Naval officer. Sunrise is soon upon me!

Secondly, and here is the ´gross´ part... and you HAVE been warned, twice!

Last night, early in my ´all-nighter´, I had a nose-bleed.

It was caused by my trying to dislodge a mound of snot / mucus lodged in my left nostril.

Summer in Canberra does that to people. It dries out the nasal passages. What CAN happen is that a person is left with a ´problem´ that requires ¨digital manipulation¨.

Okay?! While sitting at the computer, I used my finger and the hard /sharp edge of the clot of snot levered itself into my nasal mucosa and caused a cascade of fresh blood to course from my nose amd quickly cover my pyjamas.

I staunched the flow after getting to the bathroom and standing over the sink.

I did not trust the clot to not break if I rubbed my nose against the pillow during the night. Hence. my ¨all-nighter¨ at the computer(s).

You WERE warned!

Anyone getting this far should use the Comment feature and mention the code-word ¨pillow¨ somewhere in the message to indicate that they are truly ´stayers´! Ah, the fun of being ´gross´!


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