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A proud husband speaking about his wife...

I watched yesterday (Thursday) while my wife, Chris, ran the ¨Holiday Happening¨ at our church, Kippax Uniting for around (only) 85 Primary school aged children. They are run during the school holidays throughout the year. She started the idea around 6 years ago, and it is now entrenched as part of ¨what we do¨.

I seem to recall that the most she has had is around 115 children. She plans and prepares for 100.

In the weeks before the event she is getting the craft materials ready in boxes or plastic icecream containers that eventually form a stack of arounf 2m long by 1m wide by 750mm high in our bedroom. It is the sign of purposeful busy-ness.

I was a small part in the well-oiled machinery of the day, using a day of my holidays to assist with the ´tinkering´ table where children -- and not just boys -- reduce donated, worthless or unservicable electronic and other equipment to atomic particles -- well, the component parts -- using an assortment of tools. Occasionally, larger structures are left to be dumped. Yesterday, we had around 10 hard disks, and several older computers, plus video players, several olc cameras. and several clothes irons and other odds and ends.

Other tables had soap-making, mask making, and various other crafts.

The children had a ball!

I am very proud of Chris'efforts and the overall achievement.

and... Only two more Thursdays to go until school resumes after the summer holidays.


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