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Speaking of cooking...

Some will not know why I wrote this overnight at a friend's blog. I want to repeat it here for my own circle of blog readers.

My wife, Chris, plays squash weekly with a woman who has chickens and ducks in her back yard. So, we buy the odd duck eggs. They make marvelous things, do the duck's eggs, and not just ducklings!

Monday evening, and again tonight, I cooked the dinner. I'm on public transport while my car is recovering from a bout of my inertia over whether or not to fix its unfortunately real mechanical problem! Anyway, the express bus service had me home at an insanely early hour (5.10pm) that allowed me to cook a (shockingly, for me) un-chillied stir fry and rice dish for Chris' birthday. The teenage boys went to "The Cheescake Shop" (a franchise here), that is unmercifully just 5 minutes walk away, and came back with a Mississippi Baked Cheese Cake. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF READING THE DECRIPTION: ITS CALORIES WILL GET YOU AT ANY DISTANCE!

Anyway, I repeated the dose with another stir-fry last night.

Pretty soon, I'll be really domestic!

Actually, I enjoy cooking, and most things do not have so much chillie or mustard or pepper in them that they are refused.


Where is the moral to this tale? Should I have written it for my own blog instead? Do I feel that I have affirmed [my friend]? Does it matter? (To the last, yes!)

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