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Sir Goulburn

Okay, you'll need to use the link, and some lateral thinking, to get the title of this offering.

Here's the link,, that identifies the Goulburn council in the state of New South Wales. 22,500 people live in the city, with another 15,000 in the surrounding hinterland of farms. I wonder whether the rotating cadre of up to 1,050 trainee police and the prison population are counted in that?

I spent two nights and two days there at a job-related conference this week. We were 12, with another 6 blow-ins for one day. I didn't get to leave the motel, more by choice than anything: We ate, slept, and conferenced. (The time-order was roughly reversed.)

The place was quite large: There was a group of about 30 also there for much of the time and we barely crossed paths. There was also a smattering of full fee paying guests (as opposed to the two groups at 'government rates'.) The place seemed to have every room occupied on one night.

I was virtuous and took very short showers. The city is in real strife with its water supply. The water tasted 'processed', no doubt because of the necessity to skim the floor of the dam for the supply. (I did spend a soothing 20-30 minutes in the spa adjoining the indoor pool. Not much evaporation there!)

The city is now off the main highway from Canberra to Sydney. It's made the city centre thrive, nonetheless, as evidenced by what was effectively a traffic jam in the main street mid-afternoon when we were leaving.

Ah, the joys of small city life.

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