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Two weeks ago I got some new fish for my aquarium. I had overheard a person at work asking another whether he had a fish tank, because he needed to get a home for his fish before the family moved to the USA (from Australia) for 2 years for work.

It took some doing, but I got out of the deal a good variety of tropical fish -- nine in all -- plus several pieces of tree root and a mass of aquarium weed, for a very modest investment; mostly, it was the time involved.

Now, there is always a concern moving mature fish from their established home. I expected to lose maybe one or two of the larger fish.

This has proved to be the case.

In a few days I saw that a large gourami had died suddenly.

Today, though, two weeks after the move, I noted the large Black Moor has died. I wanted it to last at least until my father-in-law arrived in a few days. He has an aquarium, too.

(This photo from the web site.)

The Black Moor was an impressive animal. I shall miss it.


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