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What America needs is... good English, Geography, Economics, Social Sciences...

Okay, so America does not know its alphabet. Go on, America, put more good teachers of English in the schools, community colleges, and universities.

English, Geography, Economics, and Social Sciences 101:

(1) George W. Bush can hardly get a sentence out without fluffing it.

(2) Austria is a country in Europe, where the official languages are German, Slovenian, Croatian, and Hungarian.

(3)Australia is a country in Oceania (south of Indonesia, Singapore, and... Vietnam) where the official language is... English.

(4) America is a country with, from my perspective, pockets of bad English, Geography, Economics, and Social Sciences. You may also know it as "The United States of America" or more simply "The United States".

(5)The US' ABC News network recently sub-headlined a story about Austria to include the word, "Australian...."

(6) The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported the mis-reporting by US ABC.

You'd hardly blame an Australian for getting some things wrong, then, would you. A reporter on the Australian network must have been having his own measure of fun when I heard a US state pronounced incorrectly. Let's review the geography... and spelling...
Kansas is pronounced "cans-us", but Arkansas is pronounced Are-can-saw".

Isn't it nice that we are allies. Wars have been fought over such things, after all.

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