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We wuz robbed!

In the Australian vernacular, this means "we were robbed!"

Now, I can assure you that our house and its contents are safe. I mean of course, that the football (soccer) team of Australia should have got further into the 2006 World Cup.

Especially, I mean that the Socceroos (the Australian national soccer team) was robbed of glory literally at the last moment of its round-of-16 game played on 26 June 2006.

In the third minute of 'over-time' a stupid decision by yet another competence-challenged referee in this World Cup put the Italian team at the penalty spot from which they scored a goal. The end of game whistle was then blown. End of story. Well, here is the story.

I've been "processing" the outcome for over an hour, now. (The game ended at 3am local time!) Any inane web site will do, to remove my thoughts from the result. And, I've needed to find a few.

Finally, I can come to this blog to release my self-imposed gloom onto my unsuspecting public.

Okay, so the Socceroos should have been able to score with a one-man advantage after an Italian player was sent off with 40 minutes of regular playing time remaining. And, they could not breach the rock-solid Italian defence.

I can only say that I hope the Italian team goes at least two more round or the Australian government may find itself invading Italy after a popular uprising of the sport-mad Australian public! -- shades of "The Mouse That Roared" with the Duchy of Grand Fenwick invading the USA --

Or, maybe we have a new round of the Inquisition. There has to be something in the FIFA soccer rules or the special rules for the World Cup about a repercharge round for the best 'losing' teams to get back into the competition.

Perhaps I should burst into some poetry instead. The first thing that sprang to mind when I started processing this result was a line of Australian poetry, "And the folk are jubilating as they never did before", the second-last line of Thomas E. Spencer's iconic and hilarious poem "How McDougal Topped The Score". Well, they'll be "jubilating" in Italy, anyway!


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