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Split Definitive

The decision of the US Supreme Court about Salim Hamdan has been handed down. Salim Hamdan won! Bush lost!

So, it's official: The so-called "military commissions" idea stinks. It's not only non- American, it's non- Geneva Convention; so, apart from a very few states that don't like to play by the rules anyway, everyone else can now say that the USA has not been playing by the rules.

Actually, the case was "Hamdan v Rumsfeld", Docket 05-184, so Donny has some explaining to do to his boss and, who knows, getting this matter so wrong might be a "sacking offence". But, if Shrub -- the little Bush -- told Donny what to do then I guess Donny has a "get out of jail free card".

It's a bit like the 2006 World Cup, really: Someone has to go on to the next round.

In this case, though, unlike the World Cup, I suspect both will.
- Bush (and Rumsfeld?) will work out what to do next;
- Salim Hamdan will get his day in court, but at least it will be a court!

Let's just record the judgement: 5 for Salim Hamdan, 3 against. A split decision, but definitive.

To prove the saying that "All news is local", read how the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported the story.

"All news is local." Got it?

By the way, search the judgement "Hamdan v Rumsfeld", Docket 05-184 for the word Rumsfeld and find anywhere that it shows that Rumsfeld is mentioned in person. I can't find one; they all appear to be quoting other cases, when they're not the page heading. He obviously is not worth quoting, even in a case that names him in the title.


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