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Scaring the moose... s... s...

Someone will be able to fill in the blank.

The collective noun for moose is ______. (That is, what is a group of moose called? flock, herd, fleet, camp, tribe, etc)

Anyway, a while back, one of my sons was driving near here and hit an indiginous animal of my country with his car. This caused my darling wife to order via a catalogue the relevant magnetic, car-bonnet mounted animal scaring device. It turns out that it is effective for... MOOSE, in North America.

And, kangaroos in Australia. (You've detected from previous posts that I live in Australia, right? Wrong...? Okay...!)

So, in previous weeks I've heard of a person who was driving along a road near here and a mob ('mob' is the collective noun for a group of kangaroos) jumped onto the road and his car hit one, then several more, and the car hit a tree and he walked away but the car was an insurance write-off. His new car has a fitted 'roo-scarer'.

So, here was my car fitted with 'moose/roo-scarers' driving along in prime roo breakfast time, around 6-7am; then I transferred to a work vehicle and took the roo scarers across to it.

So, I'm unlikely to hit a... moose.

WHAT ABOUT THE... cows and sheep?

I drive through a semi-rural area and not one cow or sheep seems to raise its head in some (any) level of alarm or curiosity at the sound of the scarers. NOT ONE!

So, where are the moose when you need them? Where are the kangaroos?

Beef, lamb, ANYTHING??????

How easy is it to seem or even look stupid to those around us? Not difficult, maybe?


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