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Sunday, 10:25 pm. If you thought there would be a baby by now, imagine how his parents must feel. Here it is, three days past the due date, and Jacen is being stubborn. Or lazy. Either way, he probably comes by it naturally. Family traits are a blessing and a curse. In the end, though, a person is who he is, and this little person just isn't ready yet.

It will happen soon. I have that on the best possible authority.

Meanwhile, I've been obsessing over where to park at the hospital and how to find my way around once I'm there. I've been eating frozen food and leftovers because I haven't wanted to be in the middle of cooking something when the call came. I've avoided going out much, so I'm completely out of fresh vegetables and a whole lot of other groceries.

Whether or not something happens tonight, though, I have to get to the store tomorrow. I've sort of tempted fate by putting a big pot of stew on the stove and letting it cook slowly all afternoon. Not that I wouldn't have turned it off and walked straight out the door, if I'd had any reason to.

I guess it's still possible this will happen tonight. Or in the middle of the night. Or tomorrow morning, or ... well, I'm sure it won't go on any longer than that. You can be sure you'll hear from me when Jacen shows up at last. Probably not before, though.

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