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Little Brother

Kat did all the work, but the rest of us put in our time. I personally got to the hospital at about 8:00 last night and left about 7:00 this morning. Jacen, the newest member of the family, arrived at 5:50 am, just as perfect as could be after putting his mother through labor that lasted 44 hours. You heard me. That's why I'm not complaining about how tired I am. Poor form, that would be.

Both grandmothers (Suzanne and Sharon) and daddy Eric were in on the birth itself. John, David and I sat in the hall with Alex and waited for the news. They were very good about informing us as often as they were comfortable breaking away. After staying all through the night, David had to leave to go to work less than an hour before Jacen made his debut.

When Alex slept, we slept, or tried to, or pretended to. But he kept going until well past midnight, as cheerful and entertaining as he always is. His babbling is one the verge of almost getting easier to understand, but when he chooses to, he can pronounce a word with precision and clarity. "Walk," he might say, and touch the floor with one finger, then take hold of your hand. A lot of meaning in a simple word and gesture.

The one word he puts the most emphasis on is "no." He uses it often, sometimes even when he doesn't mean it, and he says it forcefully so that you will probably think he does mean it. I don't think he realizes that he comes across as a bit negative when he shouts "no" with such gusto. I think he just likes to say it. He will say "yes" if prompted, but only after his much preferred affirmative, "ha!"

Do you want some water, Alex? "Ha!" Yes? "Yes."

Or rather, "Yeth," with a charming lisp and a sweet smile. He did finally sleep for several hours, sitting in the fold-up stroller, and he woke up smiling. He smiled at his baby brother when he met him for the first time, then kissed him on top of the head. One of the clearest things he says is "Baby Jacen."

He knew what it meant before Jacen was born, I'm sure of it. Once when I was walking him around the hospital he started naming the people who were in the delivery room. "Mama," he said. "Daddy. Nana. Nana, too. Baby Jacen." Of course he's going to be a good big brother. He takes everything in stride. And brothers never fight, do they? I can't seem to remember...
Kat and Eric and their boys, Alex and Jacen. For more, click here.

Vitals: 7 pounds, 11 ounces; 19 inches; lots of black hair; healthy baby boy.
Oh, yes. I do remember something about Eric and David not always getting along. They could hardly have been more different: Eric five years older and laid back, David a wee bit more ... let's call it "intense." One thing they have in common nowadays is that they are good fathers and good uncles. And Jacen will have one more little perk he gained by waiting so many extra days to be born. He will forever share the same birthday with his uncle. David calls him his "birthday buddy."

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