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Every person I meet matters.

If it's written down, I know it (If it's not written down, I don't know it)
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achy, but not sniffly

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Daddy-do and me, 2010

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Bubble bath rocks

Tue Sep 27 - I was a little concerned yesterday about trying to come to work today, and I was right. I felt awful. So I called in sick and lounged around until my hair appointment. Michelle went through an horrible ordeal yesterday that involved having her car impounded (whimper), so I picked her up from the DMV in the morning and we headed to the salon together. That DMV was taking too long, so we knew we'd have to go find another one later in the afternoon.

At the salon I picked out a lovely rich chocolate brown brunette for my "base color" and a lighter chesnut and a rich not-human-colored deep red for extra highlights. By the time she had me all in little foil wrapped color, Ajax arrived to have his long hair braids taken out. Once a year he gets extended braids put in for a festival and keeps them for a month. These braids were done with artificial hair in bright neon colors (green, blue, fuschia, and red), which were actually quite stunning on him. But it was time for them to go.

I think I lasted all of 20 minutes watching Michelle taking them out before offering to leap up and help. So together we took out all the braids, making the entire start-to-finish for him only about 2 hours flat, instead of the 4-5 hours he was worried it would take.

She also rinsed out all my color and gave me a really cute A-line cut (sort of a bobbed hair cut with the front longer than the back) and it looked stunning. She kept a small lock of my white hair out of the color, right at my right temple, which I always like to leave uncolored. It really pops against the darker colors, and yet I don't look all salt-and-pepper like it was starting to go before the color. I'm really really happy with the look.

After she and Ajax and I were all done, and I'd picked up a really yummy fish sandwich from across the street, we headed out for the last of her car errands. It always surprises me to be able to drive in the carpool lane, but that saved our schedule (and our sanity) immensely. The 2nd DMV that we went to actually zipped her through the line lickety-split and she got her license renewed, her picture retaken, her new tags, and even took the written (half) test (twice). We headed over to the police station where she got the impound release, and then to the impound yard where she got her car back. Yippee. And I got two naps while waiting, which really helped since I was dragging tired.

I was up near Lilya's place, and it was near dinner time, but I just couldn't muster the energy to do anything else but go home for hot tea and honey. Mel had made a really scrumptious zucchini bread, and she let me borrow her bathroom so I could soak in a bubble bath. There's nothing like a bubble bath when you're achy and sick. Finally I've been curled up sipping mint tea with honey and half-a-tangerine squeezed into it (for the citrus yumminess), and watching tv in a stupor. Now it's time to crash again.

G'night darlings.
* * * * *
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