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Almost healthy

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Daddy-do and me, 2010

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Cleaning Compulsions

Wed Sep 28 - Although I'm feeling *way* better than yesterday, I still have a very deep "I've been sick" voice, some sniffles, and some coughing. But I've actually been able to focus at work a little, and got a few things accomplished.

I also bought my tickets online to the matinee and the evening showings of Serenity for Friday! Yippee!! [The first showing near my work is at 11:05 am, so that will be my "lunch hour" movie. And my former roomie, Mer, is organizing a local "let's all go after work" for a bunch of us, and so I bought that ticket already too.] Whee!

The weather today took a huge turn for the worse when the heat shot up and the Santa Ana winds began to blow. This is the time when the winds come off the desert and out of the east instead of off the water and from the west. The humidity plummets and "fire season" launches full steam. Or not steam, as the case may be. It's also the worst time of the year for everyone with allergies and/or migraines, so I was happy to hide in my hermetically sealed office building for once. I just watched the little weather widget on my desktop hang at 101 degrees outside from noon until well after 6 pm. I actually opted to skip getting lunch, just to avoid going outside in the heat. [Thank goodness for the snacks in our lunch rooms.]

When I did get home, it was probably still 90 degrees outside, which just sapped what little energy I still had in me. The biggest problem with getting sick is that I'm usually consumed with a compulsive need to clean my house top-to-bottom about one day before I'm completely healthy. This evening was the start of it all. Erika was coming over for a massage from Mel, and so I was trying desperately to pick up the living room for our guest. I know, very silly, but it was where I was at this evening. Plus my room was a disaster, since when I've been sick for the past four days, I've just been dropping things on the floor and collapsing in bed.

But now I have the location and hours of the nearest Goodwill donation drop, and I've put the Goodwill boxes together in the living room. Dragged all the non-Goodwill boxes back into my room, vacuumed the living room, and collapsed for dinner. [Yea frozen entries and soy yogurt!] Got back up, vacuumed my bedroom, got the throw rug rolled out and vacuumed again, and got all the boxes put back together in one pile. Then it was just time to collapse in front of the tv for a little bit.

Erika helped me take measurements of my body, so that we can build a block and some patterns for me at a later date. She and her mom bought a case of "exam-table paper on rolls" since that's what Brianna uses for patterns, and I bought two of the rolls from them. This will give me plenty of paper to build patterns for whomever. Saul is hoping for at least one more shirt before GWW, and as soon as JS gives me his measurements, I'll be working on two pairs of slacks for him. Then back to my costuming again, and hopefully I'll have all my lucet cords replaced by the time I'm ready to rebuild all my cotehardies.
* * * * *

Oh no! Look! Highlander, in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies

* * * * *
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