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Wife of 32 years, mother of 2, grandmother of 3, Government worker eligible to retire in 5 years, crocheter of 34 years; hopeful writer; people watcher; reader of much; lover of cats,dogs,horses and most four legged animals;and much more to learn about myself.
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It is more!

I know it has been ages folks. I am still alive, but the kicking part has definately slowed down. I am at work today.

More paperwork is beingforwarded for retirement. Got all doctor's letters together, finally. They will be sent tomorrow.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. (I missed a lot, didn't I?)

Doc is now saying I have a form of arthritis along with the fibro. He has changed my meds again, but not the new meds. I am on prednisone. And tylenol 3, 3 times a day. Neck, shoulders, back, and hips hurt. Fingers get there sometimes, but I have been able to knit some, which seems to help. Typing isn't, which surprises me. I guess the pounding hits the joints differently.

Good news, cell phone got updated. Dh and I got Samsung's Galaxy Note II phones to replace our older phones. His was dying a slow and painful death, wouldn't fully charge and when did charge, wouldn't keep a full charge. Plus we got a great bargain for the new phones. These phones have a bigger screen and are lighter than the older phones. We also invested in a new computer, since the laptop we were using also is dying a slow death. That laptop was my daughters for 2 years before she gave it to us. We managed to get a complete system with a touch screen for a good price. It uses Windows 8, so it is a different base, but since we are use to a smart phone it is not hard to use. Yes, we have been spending funds, but these are purchases that have been delayed for too long. (I could have waited for a new phone for myself, but DH needed a new one and it was a better deal for the two of us to get new ones. We also switched our home line to a cheaper service.) And finally, DH ordered some new clothes for himself!! It was like pulling teeth but he got 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts, 4 slacks, a winter coat, and a pair of slippers. They came and all fit. Yes, those went on a credit card, but we can make the payments. Everything else was paid with cash that we saved for.

Pain is a constant in my life now. Learning to live with it is the challenge. I am not going to curl up in a corner and not move, but it is very difficult to remember to move.

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