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No more pizza

Good morning all!

It was a short sick spell this time! Wednesday was all pain. Sitting all day in work chairs, no matter how well designed, is not good for my hips! Thursday was a different matter. DH & I ordered our favorite pizza from Domino's pizza. It is one that I can eat without a problem and tastes good-the Philly Cheese steak. First they sent a pizza with ham, pineapple and jalepeno on it-the box was marked correctly. Just had the wrong pizza in it. DH called and a new pizza was being sent right over. We couldn't even eat the the wrong one! 45 minutes later we get the right pizza. It wasn't even hot anymore. We should have known better. We were hungry at this point and didn't pay attention. 2 hours later.... we were taking turns in the bathroom. Not food poisioning, but definately not good food either. So another place bites the dust!! Shall we say both DH and I were cleaned out by yesterday morning!

At least my pain levels are evening out. The flexeril and predinisone treatment seem to be working. One day at a time though.

I will be finding a way to do yoga for arthritis. It is supposed to be one of the best forms of exercise for joint pain-including back and hip pain and immobility. I do simple stretches every morning before I get out of bed. That seems to help some.

I am in the front office by myself today. Good thing I brought my knitting. I would fall asleep if I didn't!! I may be able to finish Dh's scarf this week. I am about half way done. I want to make a double layer hat to go with it. One layer crochet, the other knit. It will be reversible and warm. And it will cover his ears!! He is always complaining that his ears get cold. UPDATE: Not alone in front office, the director is in, so not that much knitting may get done!

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