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Gotta Stop This

If its not one thing it is another. Last week it seemed like my body decided that since the fibro wasn't acting up, it was time for my migraines to come back and the IBS to act up to. DH said my body just doesn't want to come into the office anymore, I am starting to agree with him. This week it was fibro, but today isn't too bad. Tomorrow DH and I will take our 2 hours holiday time and go pick up the rest of my medical records.

Maybe get a couple of small gifts for each other since we haven't bought anything personal yet. I have 1 slipper started and another 1/3 of the way done. It is hard to work on them when he is home since I want them to be a total surprise. The scarf is over half way done, but I am not a fast knitter and when the pain is bad, I have not been working on it. Thank goodness it hasn't been cold here!

Marriage counseling continues. She continues to use EMDR on me regularly since a lot of issues come up with me. And the issues relate to childhood feelings and letting them go for good. When we meet in January, it is DH's time. He will have a harder time with it since he has not used any relaxation technique before. I see him practicing what she has taught him now and it is working. He is sleeping better and handling things alot better.

well, talk to you later.

prayers to any of you that had relatives in the most recent school shooting.

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