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Third Day in a Row!

Hey i am on a roll!!

Hopefully the bad fibro attacks are under control. Now if I can stop needing 3 hour naps after work, everything will be fine!

DH and I didn't do shopping yesterday after all. He surprised me with lunch out at one of our favorite restaurants. It wasn't the best we have had there and he will review it today. The tiramisu was served to him frozen. That capped poor service, a sandwich that had aioli spread only on one end of the sandwich, a salad that had tasteless salad dressing and super strong red onion and a waitress that disappeared. We ended up coming straight home.

We have decided to go shopping today. The shopping will be to buy things for the stockings. DH didn't know what to get me for a gift-I told him flat out what I wanted. He said that is what he was trying to remember. We will get something bigger after Christmas. This is going to be fun. We have done this similiar shopping before. It is challenging but makes the holiday spirit come alive. You have to really think about the other person. This is how we did it with the kids once the 'Santa Claus' mystery was over.

Well, talk to you later.

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