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Attitude Adjustment & Much More ;)

It is the fourth working day in a row that I have made it in. I am breaking a record here folks! But I am not surprised. There was a change this past weekend even at home. DH and I were talking. I pointed out that I felt better and got things done if I got dressed when I got up instead of staying in PJs and bathrobe. DH said that I also didn't seem so 'defeated' when I got dressed. He noticed it when I went to work. I was in pain when I got home, but there was a different attitude to the pain. When I stayed home because of the pain and stayed on the couch, huddled under the afghan, my attitude was one of defeat.

That was what got to him, the attitude that I didn't even realize I had. Well, I won't be able to do that anymore. We got rid of the big portion of the couch. Part of it was broken and had become the drop off point for junk mail and magazines. It was brought to the garbage point this weekend. We now use the chaise portion as a love seat. It has a space with out a cushion. DH put some of my crochet stuff there-I was busy making pumpkin roll, lemon cookies and cranberry bread. I will be sorting through the stuff tonight.

We now can use our coffee table and the living room looks so much larger. Not to mention, we both can watch the tv face on from the couch! Sweetie doesn't know what to do about it all yet. She likes to be under the table right now. When DH and I are on the couch, she can't lie on my legs, there's no lying down space any more.

If I have to lay down during the day, or stay home sick, well, that is what the bed is for. We have two televisions and both will be hooked up to cable. I have never been comfortable watching tv from bed as it puts me to sleep, so I don't expect to do it very often.

Another thing that happened this weekend was the peace between DH and me. There were a few moments when we were moving furniture that got a little testy, but no real misunderstandings and nothing that lasted more than a minute. And on we went with whatever we were doing and a kiss. I can honestly say that this was the most enjoyable holiday I have had in 32 years. (we did not celebrate our first Christmas together in 1979. He was in Okinawa Japan, I was at Ft. Meade MD.)

I am so glad that we are working together on our marriage.

Now for the real fun part of Christmas. I told you about the shopping-we bought stocking stuffer gifts. Well I bought him two movies,a handy man screwdriver set, finished the slippers, some candy, a mug, small coffee sample and a pack of gum. He bought me 2 movies-Tangled and Snow White and the Huntsman.(didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't care for Tangled. He was soooo excited to give it to me.) 2 small boxes of Hersheys Truffles Gold, a large Butterfly barrette, and a stuffed puppy that is so soft and black you can barely see it's eyes. But he also ordered online a complete knitting needle kit and crochet hook kit. These kits come with extenders and attachments.

In the knitting needle kit you attach the needle to the extenders to make either really long needles or circular needles. I have been wanting the knitting set for a year and showed it to him earlier. The crochet set is a complete surprise. I had seen it awhile ago and thought it would be great to have, but never said anything since I have so many crochet hooks and his attitude has always been, "Why do you need another hook of the same size?" Unfortunately, he ordered them too late for delivery. The company closes for the holidays and they won't be delivered until the second week in January. But it is something to anticipate!

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