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Wife of 32 years, mother of 2, grandmother of 3, Government worker eligible to retire in 5 years, crocheter of 34 years; hopeful writer; people watcher; reader of much; lover of cats,dogs,horses and most four legged animals;and much more to learn about myself.
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Still breaking records folks-it is day 5! I can feel the toll on my body and my mental state. It is harder to practice all the tools that help keep the marriage on an even keel. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

Last night DH & I had a picnic supper. I need to back track a little here. For Christmas Eve supper, DH had bought fresh shrimp for me to make shrimp alfredo (bottled sauce) and large shrimp for shrimp cocktail for later in the night. It ended up that the the shrimp cocktails never got eaten because we ate a late supper. We were caught up in the cleaning, moving, and baking action. So last night we had the shrimp, slices of leftover ham, cheese and crackers for supper while watching the movie "Snow White and the Huntsman". It was a great way to eat. More like grazing. DH liked it so much that he wants to do something like this at least once a month. He likes 'picnic suppers'.

Dh did a load of laundry and had me just rest on the couch. I reorganized it a little so that the area that doesn't have a back cushion has a couple of my project storage totes in the back and then a couple of toss pillows, so someone can sit there comfortably; I did last night. I think it will be my spot for the most part. Sweetie is still getting settled to the new arraingement. I pulled her next to me for awile. I had the afghan on me, and that seemed to help. Dh said that part of the afghan was on the floor during the night and she slept on that, so she's almost there.

Now, the movie- I loved it. It comes closer to the written fairy tale than the Disney version. The ending is a surprise. I will be watching it again.

So far, I am getting paid for 8 days this pay period. That is more than I have gotten paid for in any one pay period since August. I know I have to make it in tomorrow, and Monday and Wednesday. Beyond that, I cannot promise. My body is fighting me and I am starting to feel the strain. However, I am taking it one day at a time now. And not giving up.

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