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Catch phase.

It's not Sudoku or Will Shorts but I usually do the Jumble in the Times. This morning's entry, before I go sailing off to cardio, community band and maybe a ride home for a band member, has gone quickly. I have to "who, me?" digress when visiting family up around Placerville their paper sometimes features Jumble clues with longer than five or six letters.

This clear Friday---the old Van Nuys tower would have reported 25 to 50 miles visibility, see earlier this month---the first two words jumped out. "Shyly" and "thank"---heh heh. Once all the letters have been rounded out, we find 'The fish market's new slogan was a---': Of course, "catch phrase".

But I need an "e" and have an "l" instead. Dan! Why'd you write the last word, with the crucial fifth letter among three circulars, as "cancle"???

Reminds me of the time mentor caught me napping in an email and getting the dreaded as it is prolific among the proles "there" homonym wrong. Or was it "they're/there"? It was the whining and excuses for seeming days that she remembers, not the typical fruit of my time jumping thoughts.

So I remind myself and my readership, "You're your proof reader."

There, they're in pain.

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