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A board and, read closely, a birth stone.

Music is a fair piece in my life. Not surprisingly I read a lot of literature about music, even keeping in mind Frank Zappa's famed dictum, and my meager movie going is still rich by a majority of it apparently dominated by music documentaries.

Once I read something in said music journalism, perhaps back when homeowners were still steamed about passenger pigeons hogging the bird feeders, that a hackneyed---translation: way too prevalent---name taken by a "few" bands was "Emerald City".

Some of us know what the actual Emerald City is. Seattle, of course! And a soon released music documentary getting a fair amount of, wait for it, press is bringing some of Seattle to an as yet unspecified theatre seat I plan to occupy. A part of Seattle a mile from where I have lived since I last scraped passenger pigeon effluvia from the roof of whatever car I owned.

Famed fighter of "Foo" and one time occupant of Nirvana Dave Grohl has lensed a documentary about Sound City, a studio in which "Nevermind" was largely recorded and has hosted Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young to name a Foo---I mean "few". Mentor groans (and more of you, unidentified, are doing likewise), but if I'm going to write a cliche it will be done Dan's way.

Just like my record collection, which does not contain any of the aforementioned. But the film is eagerly awaited. I treated a good film-going friend maybe, horrors, 20 years back to "Hype!" (, another music doc; it was about how a local scene can be stretched to absurdity by the nirvana (oops---right) of high sales and popularity. The scene happened to be the greater Seattle one and I joked I could smell the cappuccino and Red Hook when it was over.

Okay, smarties, before designer caffeine and beer were more prevalent! I have a brother in western Washy I've visited over three decades. We engaged in many activities, sighting passenger pigeons not recalled, and I'll have you know I've visited Aberdeen a few times.

The last words on the screen for "Hype!" were "Next: your city." Well, not this backwater. Peter Bogdanovich moved from a few blocks away during the 80's and the board from Sound City now resides in---Northridge, property of Director Dave. The rockers whom I endured in the activity of "hanging out" as the last passenger pigeon watched sadly were always talking about the importance of the studio board.

In our time it's 'pooters and Pro Tools for much recording. Sound City's coveted board during the ehight of the studio era, as the film will constantly attest.

Sound City's neighborhood includes a Muay Thai gym which hosts shows I've attended and a communications store from which I bought the scanner I still use, which just relayed to me an Amtrak train highballing the local station. It will pass below the elevated parking lot of Sound City in two minutes.

Later tonight in the train department we have the Coast Starlight, Seattle to Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, "Nevermind" has that proximity to the Starlight but not at the north end. Who knew? Now you do.

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