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Some Freud 'n song?

I was working on this morning's "Jumble" and spent a few moments, my story anyway, working out the word "studio". Was that the song "Sussudio" w-a-y in the back of the mind's ear as I was wondering what "dousti" was? I'm not a Phil Collins fan or particular to that number, but for a long time when hearing it I've had my take-off lyrics about "only in the stu-, stu-, studio".

Hey, reminds me of what a person with the clearest case of narcissistic personality disorder I've ever encountered used to do years ago with other songs; something about him being too hip for the scene.

But I think there have been similar instances of solutions to the scrambled words fitting into songs bearing same and that dusty voice, or tape as the mind culture folks say, behind the ears. It's called the subconscious, for starters? Asking or telling, maybe later for that.

On to something I used to find in a paper when I subscribed, now found online: the daily almanac for my voice mail greeting. Hey, look, it's Phil Collins' birthday.

Even retired, one likes a little bit of spook to get into Wednesday. Off in a few minutes to a film about another drummer. Different than the one I march to!

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