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Getting a charge from a homonym.

In an episode of the 60's series "Adam 12" a disconsolate motorist on the receiving end of a ticket administered by our vigilant duo muttered something about getting their quota in. "We write as many as we want to," came the very diplomatic reply so characteristic of a Jack Webb series.

The month is up, specifically for the blog, and time to wedge another observation or two in---with a motoring theme.

Driving home last night from one of my music documentaries I spotted an official Auto Club pickup truck ahead of me. Apparently it had a specialty: emblazoned on the back panel was, "AAA: batteries changed."

Darn, even I can do that for myself, while it's my "AA" stash which tends to get depleted.

I'm not a watcher of television comedies, and I read an essay in the paper about how "30 Rock", whose finale the writer was noting, and "Parks And Rec" were somewhat more daring compared to literate but not off-track hits like "Big Bang Theory".

Coming out of the Sepulveda Basin I noticed a City "Parks And Recreation" truck beside me at a light. A minute later it was ahead of me as I changed into its lane due to a stopped L. A. Unified school bus.

I heard a firm horn blast as a car between us took exception to his stopping. Well, guess what? The bus had its switch operated stop sign out and red lights on. I probably would have been asleep at my own switch and just passed; a mother was carrying off a (very) youngster.

"Parks And Rec-reation": literate, conscientious and knows the rules. Say, hadn't I ever read anything during my decade looking over desks at Region Dave?

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