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It's Monday's turn.

I read the online class list correctly the first time, but apparently not on a follow-up. Here was a "zumba" class, not the hand weight type one, so back on the bicycle to return in the ripe side of another hour.

Passing me a few minutes later was a fellow in my general age range, helmet and cleats---check, and I figured good for him. He had more speed than I was mustering: experienced ridership, to be sure.

At the next intersection there he was in the left turn lane behind more than five cars. It is "prime time" Monday morning, the big surge of let's-get-back-to-(various forms of)-it. He's doing something more prudent than many of us waiting on the corners, putting ourselves in the path of preoccupation, that of Monday morning or any day and time.

But you're in for a wait, sir, as I watched one car and another doing an imitation of a shadow the only ones clearing at the change with more opposing cars coming.

Then the rider slipped into the right side of the turn lane. It most probably turned out well the next green.

Did he remember he could do that? Was it a first time discovery? A few minutes after observing him pass it was an interesting, forgive me, turn of narrative.

Remembering a few of Sunday's op-ed essays and the being under spew of crazy morning news gives the perspective of watching things develop, more questions and more answers, more of a discipline than ever. "They" are coming door to door for guns! Guns will solve more guns! That socialist in the White House must go! Global warming is a hoax, keep the food coming! Grrrr! Instant answers for the perpetual eleven year old male mind!

Trying to be a thinker, heck, being on a bicycle can make one feel so alone. But time to go back and take the intended class.

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