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A bead of perspiration from the would-be bard.

I've wanted to write a blog about words in which the addition or substitution of one letter to form another word makes interesting contrasts. Like films I never get around to looking up on IMDB I want to make a master list and the memory of so many examples, well, forgotten in their specificity piles on to the void of, "Why start when too busy lamenting ones lost?"

Also---just what will and could any of the themes be, Dan?

At Tuesday fitness class today of our friend L., noted in a December blog of soggy frivolity, in the hallowed halls of HSU---"hot, sweaty and uncomfortable", class review, always---she noted this session was producing more of the middle factor than usual. Our weather has changed from chamber of commerce dry and sunny to misty and overcast: cold to the Southern Cal conception of "Wow it's March and then April and eventually escapism season!"

Quoth L., "It's the increased humidity but not me. No, I won't take credit." Well, humility over the humidity. A reminder one need not pile on examples for that theme, just write about one when the occasion strikes. But is it the voice from a spot in a middle of the page blur saying, "Get started already."

Either way, nothing worth too much sweat, I swear.

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