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An unsettling shade of brown for Murphy.

A recent Calendar article in the Sunday L. A. Times featured Romanian director Cristian Mungiu and his film "Beyond The Hills". It depicts as much as transcripts can show the events that led to a sensational legal case in that country in which a priest and four nuns in an Orthodox monastery performed an alleged exorcism which killed a young lady.

She was tied to a cross and left alone with no food in a room for three days, among other things. Oh, how we hate the alleged devil.

As an avid reader of film reviews the ones I've seen for this film reiterate Mr. Mungiu's statement he has portrayed events that occur in real life: no Friedkin's need apply. Naturalism, in short order.

And no editorializing. But the director says that in that poor country, with little spent on education, things mix together.

In a junior college political science class I took some time in the 80's the well-traveled instructor talked about a big source for communist Romania's brutal secret police: the hideous orphanages in the country. Unloved and abused children taught cruelty and subterfuge recruited later to potently ply what they've "learned".

As a liberal, Professor D. was calling for actual family values. There was a gardener in whose route the school where I was Plant Manager was included and he was in the class. One day at work I talked about it with him and he said, yes, he liked Mr. D but boy, did he run "liberal". Oooh.

Today in the L. A. Times my regular not so favorite Tuesday op-ed writer, one "J-Gold", has titled his column, concerning family values "we" should have known all along, "The Wisdom Of Dan Quayle".

God, no. God, no. God . . .no!!!

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