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Playing chicken with the Ultimate Clock.

Is it illegal to have a Lorikeet? I don't think that's what I saw, but getting back home today I saw one of the other tenants' bird cage for the first time, though chirping certainly bounces around here from various units in ambient zags, sitting on the a/c unit. Something like that was in it, but when I said hello it went straight into its little house. I'm not a scary guy!

Not the oddest part of my day. A minute before as I drove into the parking area three of the roosters/chickens from across the street were along the far wall. Unfortunately at least two haven't made the trip across the street lately but three or four continue to pop up. No, not the oddest part either.

Back up a long half hour and I was visiting my favorite news stand. On the cover of my purchase, "Uncut Magazine", was David Bowie, gracing us again after a decade of no albums. The facial expression was like someone getting hip to the reality atmospheric pressure is 14-psi and change. The furrowed look was redolent of another veteran, Neil Young. At least to me.

Then there was another magazine, another visage: Robert Redford. Bad pun, worse "happy Tuesday": Face it, folks, there are things in my closet I just haven't thrown away with fewer wrinkles. Okay, a little scary, pretty bird.

No, still not the oddest part of the day, even considering on the way home I'd watched a guy in an Porsche on Kester avenue shooting footage with his tablet on a stick.

Top honor was for the errand after the news stand. Bet your bottom dollar, by half.

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