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Capping off my slow blog month.

Baseball caps are neither fashion statement nor product placement here. But with my shiny top they are a sun block so I wear in our solar-packed hereabouts. My green Playboy Jazz cap commemorates a special year of that institution for me via a performance from the late Michael Brecker among others, and it's my usual. The other morning I found it by the car between the passenger door and the stall wall.

Most probably I had been retrieving something the evening before and somehow displaced it from the usual downtime perch of the copilot seat; the car was never left unlocked that evening. But experiences with break ins and the detritus one notices when getting first wind of a school vandalism certainly had me wound up.

Last night I had a dream of being maybe around a small street fair and a sax/keyboard duo was to be playing in a small space with a few benches ringed along the walls. In context only in dreams I knew a fellow to whom I hadn't spoken in years was going to see it and not there yet, and what was I going to say, but two of his children were doing something close by. Never mind I didn't know which children and they'd be that much older.

It was just sundown and yet I wanted to get my green cap. For some reason breaking into a run I traversed an odd set of locations from the memory bank, maybe home/old school/work, and I think that was it.

This morning I went down to the car and as I slid the security gate noticed the green cap just outside on the pavement. Well, no one going to the prep school across the street had stomped or stolen it, but again the unease. I'm sure coming back from band the previous evening it had been on my lap, since this time it was the driver side, and doffed it in a manner not conducive to retaining its services when getting the gate.

Right now things are in place and that is music to my ears.

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