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Where (optionally in hell), indeed.

The historian of the family, Mom often said about me. A huge anniversary, very overplayed to some and proof thereof is how I commenced this sentence though I also "know" better, is fast upon this writing session. But it gives me an idea of when something else occurred as I try to narrow it down to sixth, seventh or was it fifth grade?

I know where I was when the JFK shooting was announced. I was a seventh grader home from school sick and Mom and I were watching the Don Ameche starred "Three Musketeers". The following most probably would have taken place before.

For the onset of puberty sI was aware of certain things coming more into focus "down there". I was raised in a so-called culture in which aspects of bullying were all over everything. What those in power wanted, they got through sarcasm, intimidation and beyond. What they denied---well, down the chain of power one learned denial as well. The Peter Principle is key here. I suspected these changes were related to the "facts of life" but, well, maybe not.

Upon this rock, that changed at Our Lady Of Nuclear Victory Elementary School when the boys from the two classes of the grade I am ascertaining were combined into one and received The Talk from Father S. Yes, the solemn commencing of said assembly with the "all right, young men, straighten up and be serious" angle. Face up boy(s), it was about human reproduction and the Church's quite rigorous hands off attitude toward this most beautiful thing.

Yes, a priest leading the now-it's-official charge into a subject the tough guys were probably ahead of, whatever their remaining immaturity. I recall being one of the two or three called out for giggling. That'll scar one for life. Heck, add an "e" to the verb; it applies and the most common among letters is in the middle of the operative word.

Hands off. The bumptious clergyman offered the following diversion-slash-sop when The Urge would strike, now we were officially informed of further too fast and easy venues to the eternal sulphur. It not only kept the hands busy but the arms and, as preached in these 2010's, perhaps the all-important core.

"Do your Kennedy exercises."

Arms up as if elbowing people on either side and, well, continue elbowing motion quite vigorously. He had the whole dubiously smiling bunch doing them at the end of the session.

Yes, we've learned more about exercise and the variety specific to John Fitzgerald over the years. So I know I got the lowdown sometime before November 22, 1963, and now I'm wondering a bit about fourth grade. So here's to covering one fiftieth and making up for missing another.

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