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I saw Borat on DVD for the first time last night.

I kind of have mixed feelings about it. Parts of it were definitely funny. My favorite bits were when he said his "sister's vageen hang down like sleeve of wizard" and a deleted scene on the DVD where he's interviewing a supermarket manager and asking him about cheese (he asks him "What is this?" about 200 times, and the guy says "Cheese" doesn't sound funny, but after about the 50th time, it starts to be).

But then while the character is not purposefully a jerkwad, it's quite obvious that the actor portraying him is. IMDB says the cops have been called on him 91 times. It might be kind of funny, but tying up law enforcement officers for a site gag when they could actually be, you know, catching bad people, kind of makes me wonder.

Apparently plenty of people in the film are suing him because they say he misrepresented who he was and what the film was. I think most of the people come off looking all right, actually better than most people would handle some asshead insulting them left and right.

It's reminiscent of Candid Camera or prank phone calls, which can admittedly sometimes be funny, even if they're mean-spirited. Actually, I thought some of the funnier stuff were scenes where he wasn't trying to make some average person out to be an ass. I really liked when he set his chicken free, for example.

Nevertheless, it was funny a lot of the time, so I'd still recommend it. I don't feel very good about it, though.

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