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Derek the Harsh
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Speaking of Wikipedia, I came across this entry on the Dessek.

The Desseks are characters in a fictional universe called Cotrahviné, created by Dutch Science Fiction/Fantasy writer Tais Teng. They appear exclusively in his anthology "Glazen Speren" (Glass Spears) (1997), which has not yet been translated in English.

A Dessek is a follower of Dessek the Harsh, a legendary hot-tempered man with a single moral principle - do not lie. The Desseks form a thoroughly fragmented sect of travelling warriors who "love the truth above all else and for whom uttering a lie is unthinkable." Considered to be the most fearsome fighters alive, some of them act as rogue policemen where others prefer a more ascetic and isolated existence. Because every Dessek has his own interpretation of the wisdom of Dessek the Harsh and of the truth itself, the greatest enemy of a Dessek is another Dessek. None of them, however, would hesitate to give their life for the truth and none would leave any lie unpunished.

Sounds pretty cool to me. Too bad it's not translated into English yet.

Maybe I'll write my own interpretation:

Dessek the Harsh walked down the mostly-empty street and came upon a man selling hats.

"How are you?" Dessek asked.

"Fine," said the hat vendor.


"Actually, I do kind of have a crick in my neck. I kind of slept weird on it last ni--"

In one swift motion, Dessek crouched, slid a hyperknife from his boot, and opened the man from groin to chin with an upward slice. The hat vendor's guts fell to the cobblestone street with a loud plop.

Don't. Lie.

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