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Peace and Platitudes
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I'm working a summer job right now.

The car parked next to me today had a bumper sticker that said "War Is Not The Answer" So what exactly is the question?

And I happen to drive home by City Hall. Today there were four middle-aged men standing across from it, holding a huge banner that said "War Never Brings Peace." Wha-huh?

Who the fuck are they trying to sway? Because this kind of mindless inanity surely can't work on anybody with half a brain. I don't know about the person with the bumper sticker or the guys holding the banner, but the vast majority of the people I've talked to who say we should never have gone into Iraq and should get the hell out typically were okay with us going into Afghanistan. And I'd bet they were okay with our involvement in WWII as well, don't you think? So sometimes war is the answer, no?

But maybe they're strict pacifists and think that we should disband all our armed forces and never fight anywhere, anytime. At least that would be consistent.

As far as slogans go for anti-Iraq war types, something like "Wrong War, Wrong Time" or something along those lines. You can still have a slogan that's not trite and brain-dead, even if others may disagree with it. But only the most ultra-pacifist would try to convince others that the use of an army is never justified.

When they stand there behind a banner like that, they only make themselves look like fools.

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