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Ron Paul
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Via Alex Knapp, here's an interview of Ron Paul, who is essentially a Libertarian wearing Republican clothing. He's now has more cash on-hand than John McCain, but I think that says more about McCain than Paul. I think the reason he's getting all that cash is from Libertarians on the internet.

The interview dwells mostly on Iraq. Paul is an isolationist, even if he doesn't like the word. When Stephanopoulos asks him if we have a responsibility to Iraq, Paul responds that we have a responsibility to Americans. Nice. He argues that Vietnam sort of worked itself out all right, ignoring all the relevant differences between the situations.

They only talked briefly about his economic stances. I read in one source that he's promised that his first act as President will be to abolish the IRS. He basically wants to eliminate taxes and also eliminate nearly all Federal agencies and programs. As Stephanopoulos says at the end of the interview, he hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell.

Actually, this was the first time I'd seen him speak. I think what hurts him more than his policies is his manner. His eyes are shifting all over the place during the interview, giving the impression of duplicity. He also appears very weak and equivocal. On that final question, Stephanopoulos appeared more decisive and Presidential than Paul. Lame.

Right now I'm favoring Guiliani, but it's early yet.

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