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Secular Value System
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I've decided to go ahead and post pieces of the pamphlet (it's not enough to be called a "book") I'm writing to try to explain and outline my secular value system.

I have yet to work out a name for the system, so entries containing pieces of the work will be labeled with "SVS", e.g., SVS: Introduction.

The work is targeted toward non-believers, but obviously I'm interested in everyone's opinion. The basic premises are these:

Theistic beliefs are not reasonably justified, therefore religion should not be the basis of morals.

If we default to our innate sense of morals, we're allowing our instincts, controlled by our genes, to determine our morality, which makes us no more than reflexive animals.

The evolution of the brain has allowed for increasing capacities of reasoning and abstract thought.

Reason should be our guide to our values, which are the basis of our ethical principles, which should be the basis of our actions.

The value system outlined in the work centers around three core values: Truth, Freedom, and Structure. This is not to say there are no other concepts which are valued, but that these are the most important.

The pamphlet is structured like so: An introduction, followed by specific sections on each core value explaining what is meant by that concept and how valuing that concept leads to particular attitudes and behaviors. There is a section specifically on objections or further questions, which I will probably post here one at a time. I'm also considering short separate sections on special topics such as art, happiness, and the use of violence.

I'll be posting the introduction soon...and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all think.

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