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Protecting a White America
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Holy crap. Check out this question from a guy up in New Hampshire at the Hopkinton Town Hall, posed to John McCain:

"Do the people in Washington — the politicians and the lobbyists and the rich people writing the checks — do they understand the amount of anger the average European Christian, native-born American feels when they see their country turning into a multicultural chaos Tower of Babel?"

Wow. In other words, we need to keep America as pure and white as possible.

Now, I've read a couple of stories on this, and it looks like the guy was complaining about giving amnesty to current illegal immigrants (a policy which I think is wrong as well).

But the last estimate I remember seeing was that we have about two million immigrants a year, roughly half legal, the other half illegal. The legal immigrants include some of the brightest, most hard-working people from around the world. In fact, there have been numerous reports on "brain drain", from places like India, which refers to the best and brightest scholars and engineers immigrating to the US to work in the highest-paying, most challenging jobs. That's good for the US.

I remember hearing a report a few years ago that estimated that at current growth rates, whites would be a minority in Texas by 2050, and hispanics would be the most numerous. I think there was a related projection about the entire US.

Some people, like our New Hampshire questioner, apparently think that what defines America is the ethnic makeup of its citizens. Personally, I think it's about a set of principles embodied in our Constitution, and that it doesn't matter what the ethnic ratios are as long as people live in a free and democratic society. Others apparently see America as primarily a sea of white people. Nice, huh?

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