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Well That's a Little Freaky
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A while back I blogged about lucid dreaming, and though I've only had one lucid dream since I started doing reality checks and other exercises, my dream recall is getting better due in part to keeping a dream journal.

Last night was a good night in terms of recall. Early this morning I wrote some notes in my dream journal, and one part of my dream involved standing outside a building. There was a truck, and my stepdad's parents were both there (his father is dead and his mother is still alive). They were talking, of all things, about evolution, about how a new exhibit was showing in Austin, TX on evolution. And at one point my step-grandmother told me I was "The Rob Brown of the South". I wrote it down verbatim in my dream journal this morning, even though I didn't know what it meant.

This afternoon, PZ Meyers blogs about this article, which has to do with the counterintuitive nature of evolution. I read it and thought it was interesting (actually I'm about to post another blog entry about it), and then I get to the end and notice who it's written by: Rob Brown.

I looked at his main page, and apparently he's from San Francisco. Now I don't remember coming across this guy's page or hearing about him.

So, it's a little freaky. Carl Sagan talked about how coincidences are rare, but are statistical inevitabilities. Basically, low probability events that seem to have a causal connection are going to occur, and that doesn't mean that there's a causal connection.

That's one explanation. The other is that I'm psychic. Take your own pick.

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