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I just finished the book Jumper by Steven Gould (not the biologist). I'd seen that it was coming out as a new movie, and I'd seen someone recommend it as one of his favorite books growing up, so I picked it up last time I was at the library.

It's a strange book, written in a juvenile style, but dealing with some pretty dark material (there's plenty of murder, attempted rape, and other sex and death). So I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 13. The dialog often rings false, and it's not incredibly well-written, but the plot moves along at a strong clip, so it kind of pulls you along even if it's not all that great.

Some of the extrapolations of what it would be like to actually be able to teleport are clever, though most are obvious. Also, I didn't need a detailed explanation of how he did what he did (I'm willing to suspend disbelief to a certain extent), but there's some pretty basic stuff that's never answered. He can only teleport to places he's seen before and remembers well, but he often pops back and forth to places where there is a fair amount of human does he keep from teleporting into someone else's space?

It looks like the movie has added a key character and ratcheted up his confrontation with government types who want to capture, study, and use him (which doesn't happen until near the end of the book).

Anyway, even though it's a very quick read, I'd skip it and just catch the movie if you're at all interested.

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