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Ron Paul Doesn't Believe in Evolution
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There's no way this guy is gonna get the Republican nomination for President, but I find a lot of the support for him disturbing, since he's a radical isolationist libertarian who believes some pretty wacky stuff (in the last debate I saw, he admitted to believing in a conspiracy to fuse Canada, the US, and Mexico into a super-nation). Andrew Sullivan has endorsed him, primarily because he's for an abrupt, massive withdrawal from Iraq. I think Sullivan's blog has been going downhill for a long time, and this may be the straw that makes me remove him from my blogroll.

Anyway, on top of all this, it turns out Paul also doesn't believe in evolution (it's the second question):

He says "it's a theory" (so is gravity, dude), and that he "rejects it". He thinks "the Creator" made us pretty much the way we are right now.

Again, it's fairly moot, since he won't get the nomination, but I'm dismayed by the number of people who endorse him (especially among the college crowd), and the number of people who throw money at him.

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