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Still in a Fog
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With all the coughing and sneezing and sniffing going on, Casa Maywrite continues to sound like a doctor's waiting room. Or at least like doctors' waiting rooms used to sound back when I was a kid and everyone trooped in for pencillin shots at the first sign of a cold. Now the waiting rooms, for many of us, are at health centers where there's a television blasting out Faux News stupidity as if it was in the health care industry's interest to make your brain sick while you're waiting to have your body healed.

Mary and I are just waiting the colds out and trying to keep working. I'd hoped she wouldn't catch it but she did, which really distressed me because how is she supposed to nurse me if she's sick?

Just now I left a brief comment on Mark Terry's blog and when the verification code popped up it asked me to type in "mantl". Well, I had come to Mark's place from some the Yankees spring training facility in Tampa (vicariously speaking) and it struck me that "mantl" is almost "Mantle" as in Mickey Mantle, the Yanks great center fielder of my youth. So I wondered is that a good omen?

Do you ever get apparently meaningful verifications when you go to enter a comment? Like, for instant "bllsht"? Maybe verifications are a new form of fortune telling for the age of the Internet. Has anyone written a book on the interpreting these messages from cyberspace?

Or maybe you could just make a poem out of all the verifications you type in during a day. Would probably make as much sense as a lot of modern poetry does.

Anway, now I've checked in, back to our regularly scheduled rockin' pneumonia.

Read/Post Comments (13)

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