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Can I just say that I love JournalScape? Not only is it easy as pie to upload an entry (the time it takes me now is around 20 minutes, as compared to over an hour that it took previously) but, and this is crucial, if I'm logged in, it automatically inserts my name, email and website into the comments page of other JournalScape journals! I like commenting, but it's annoying when you have to type your info in over and over again. Hooray, JournalScape!

I can also update, you know, wherever. Hee!

Ok, this entry is about writing.

So, I'm slowly getting back into the writing groove. We talked alot at the workshop about our writing practices, and while I still maintain that I can't quite follow Jay Lake's Gentle Suggestions for Writing, I still think I should be sitting my ass in the chair and at least TRYING to write more often than I have been lately. I've had some success the past few days, too, which gives me hope.

Let's see, I finally revised "Single White Farmhouse" and, after some last-minute line edits from Tim, sent it off. I had some debate with myself (and Tim) over which market to send it to first -- I went with "speedy" instead of "money bags", since I'd be very, very happy to be in "speedy's" magazine, and I want instant gratification. Hee!

Then, yesterday, I had a flash of what happens next in my collab with Jenn. I sat down while dinner was cooking and cranked out what felt like many more than the 430 words they were. I sent it off with only a once through -- some of the writing is pretty awful, but it can be fixed in revisions, and I didn't want to let it sit any longer than it already had. It helps that Jenn is sweet and kind and will forgive my sentence structure. RIght, Jenn?

I also sat down and read through a couple of half-finished projects, as well as "Goat Girl" which I wrote almost two years ago (!). I think I'm in full revising mode, because I could see every clunky sentence in "Goat Girl" and am now in the process of fixing them before I send it out again.

Anyway, I'm really hoping to revise at least one of my half-finished stories before I get back into the YA novel, just to have more in circulation. Then, I plan to immerse myself in the world of that book, crank on it and finish a rough draft by, oh, let's say Thanksgiving. That's reasonable, yes?

That's it for now.

Read/Post Comments (18)

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