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A Hot One
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Oh lord. Poor Marzi! The vet called to let us know that the fungus didn't need two weeks to grow -- "It's a hot one -- only took it two days and it's growing like crazy."

This is not what I consider reassuring words from one's vet.

Of course, I totally forgot to ask if I needed to worry about us humans catching it. Or if the other pet owners who live in other apartments in this huge old house (which has one, shared, heating system) need to worry about their pets catching this (or if they gave it to my kittens in the first place; I'm pretty sure they didn't bring this home from the SPCA, though I could be wrong). The dog next door goes outside all the time and rolls in everything; she also barks at us and sticks her nose in inappropriate places on our bodies when we do laundry or otherwise use the back yard and don't get me started on the dog poop back there; I'm choosing to blame the dog.

So, tonight Tim picks up the oral meds and the LIME SULFUR from the vet, before he even picks me up from BART. Then, home, a quick meal, a bit of TV and other procrastinationatory activities before we give the cats the oral meds followed by a cheery, full-body except-for-the-eyes dip in LIME SULFUR. I'm planning on removing all cloth from the bathroom (curtains, rugs, towels, shower curtain, etc) and banishing the kittens to that room until they're at least dry.

And, guess what? In a week, we get to dip them in LIME SULFUR all over again. And again a week after that. And . . .

And we're going to smell like rotten eggs forever and ever. There goes my housewarming party.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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