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Sleepy and TOO HOT

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I should know better than to tempt fate. A few days ago I bragged on Greg's message board that the weather out here was almost always nice. About two seconds after I hit "post comment" the temperature went through the roof. Muggy. Hot. Sure, it's not Tempe in the summer hot, but then again, we don't have air conditioning AND we can't open the front French windows because we don't have screens for them but we DO have kittens.


So, it's been a naked night at home, sitting in front of the fan, falling asleep watching our new DVDs of Family Guy. It was supposed to be date night, but it's too hot, even for me :-) The cats are stretched out as long as they can possibly get themselves. Zanzi was especially cute, stretched out half in and half out of his fuzzy cat cup, and Marzi took her usual place along the back of the couch (though why they just don't go stretch out on the tile floor in the bathroom instead is beyond me).

It's only 10:30, but I might go to bed soon. There's a party in the backyard, which is right by the bedroom. (It is a Spanish-speaking party, too, which means eavesdropping is frustrating, since my Spanish is so bad.) If I do go to bed, it'll be with earplugs, and sleeping in earplugs is always a bit unpleasant (among other things, I feel like I'm underwater and thus often have dreams where I can't breathe, and I *hate* those).

I foolishly bragged over on Lisa's comment board that my coworkers and I all had similar taste in music so I hardly ever had to listen to stuff I didn't like. About 10 minutes later, I was out-voted, and a co-worker played the Tenacious D album in its entirety. It was hot. I was tired and having a bad day already, and then I had to listen to that entire album, which I used to kinda like before I'd heard it about a gazillion times in the past few months (now that Tim's got his hands on a copy and has it in heavy rotation). The shipping boy and I had a fairly good time making fun of it while I picked orders out in the warehouse, but those fucking stupid songs are going through my head again. Grrr.

Still, that album is long over, I'm home now and it's still hot.

I gotta be careful about my comments, though. Man!

I had a kind of a hard day today. Gonna find the earplugs and go to bed.

G'night :-)

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