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Fall Down Go Boom!
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I am not feeling well, so this entry might not be as detailed as I'd like.

So, woke up this morning to use the bathroom. On the way back from the bathroom, experienced horrible, gut wrenching cramps. Shivered in bed next to Tim, who was passed out because he'd only come to be about three hours previous. Decided best place for me was bathroom, as I felt I needed to do several things at once. Sat on toilet with trash can in front in case of vomit. Broke out in literal cold sweat, was drenched in seconds. Horrible gut-wrenching cramping pain continued. World obtained black ring around the outside, the vision pulled back until world was a little place at the end of a very long, black tunnel.

Then I was on the floor, on my knees and face. Took me a minute to figure out how I'd gotten there, since sometimes I use the hands-and-knees position to help alleviate cramps (sorta helps sometimes). Horrible pain now had increasing pain friends in various parts of face.

Started yelling for Tim, not too loud at first, since I was for some reason worried about waking the neighbors. I had to rest after each time I yelled, as I was exhausted, dripping sweat and in great, great pain. I desperately wanted to vomit, but I was afraid to move because my face already hurt enough as it was, I didn't want to black out again and land on it twice in one morning.

I yelled for quite some time. I even managed to move one arm out from under me (dislodging the trash can, which was wedged under me) to move the toilet paper away from the vent between the bedroom and the bathroom. Didn't help. Eventually I was really hollering, but he didn't stir. Stupid kitten, who had been mewling at my feet earlier (in hindsight, I want to say she was concerned for me), was nowhere in sight, or I would've sent her to wake up Tim. Not that she would've, but I was becoming more miserable by the minute lying there on my face and knees and it was diverting to think of ways to get help.

Finally, I pulled myself back up to the toilet and worshipped the trash can a bit. I kept hollering for Tim, who finally woke up and came in to take care of me.

I think I landed on my chin, as there's a sore lump there, and my jaw hurts (from impact, I think). Oh, and my lip is split open just a bit. I also scraped the hell out of my chest, presumably on the trash can, or maybe the shelf in front of me.

I was still having the horrible gut-wrenching cramping pain in my abdomen, but at least Tim was there to coo at me, wipe the sweat off me before it made the floor slippery, and pull my hair back. When he went to get me water, he handed me the inflated bath pillow, which I held over my face in case I blacked out again.

Eventually, the cramping became less horrible, and I teetered back to our room with Tim's help. I was freezing cold (and it's still sorta hot today, Tim tells me) and both my abdomen AND my face hurt. We put an ice pack on my face (Tim brought me my favorite dish towel to wrap it in), I took some Tylenol and we fell back asleep for a few hours. Well, I did eventually. I was sorta too hurt too fall asleep very quickly.

Our neighbors, of course, were in the back yard playing music and talking to the dog in a high-pitched voice two hours later.

I'm feeling much better, though I'm still pretty woozy and terrified of falling again. Dude, I fell on my face this morning. It was a really scary thing, blacking out, not being able to get up or get help for awhile. And it still really hurts.

Read/Post Comments (19)

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