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Chatty Cat
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So, I'm much improved today. Thanks to everyone who posted or sent get well wishes. The doctor, the horrible HMO doctor, had me wait an hour for less than five minutes of painful abdomen poking only to say, "Huh. Probably food poisoning" before running out of the exam room. I forgot to have him look at my face, which is the thing that hurts the worst right now, but since it seems to be getting better I'm guessing it's probably ok, too.

Yesterday I spent resting, mostly. Marzi was miaowing at me all morning, and I finally figured out that there were ants in the cats food dish, which wasn't very fun to deal with while feeling dizzy (especially since the trail came up the stairs). Bleah. Stupid ants.

Marzi is a very vocal cat, with a high-pitched, trilling miaow that sounds eerily like the word "miaow". My guess is that she hears Tim and I talking and wants to communicate with us, too. She's very frustrated that we don't understand exactly what she is saying. Poor kitty!

Tim and I went for a nice long walk last night. Our neighborhood is so very cool! There were lots of big houses with interesting patios and gardens. I have house envy. The neighborhood is nice and quiet, too, with hardly any one even taking walks (the only people we saw were directly in front of their houses, not on the sidewalks). The neighborhood is hilly enough that a 45 minute walk is quite the good workout; I'm hoping we keep this up -- if we do, I bet we both lose some weight! Here's to good health!

Got a rejection from F&SF yesterday -- a very good rejection, thanking me twice and telling me that I shouldn't have much trouble placing it, that it's a charming story, but the concept didn't work for him, alas. Then Gordon suggested trying it in the YA market if I do happen to have trouble placing it. It was a very long rejection. I never thought of SWF as a YA, but I guess it is one of my more innocent stories.

It's already on its way to Ellen. Whoot!

Oh, here's a cute flash toy that a coworker sent to me yesterday to cheer me up while I was sick. Cat lovers will especially appreciate this one.

I think that's it for now. Ciao!

Read/Post Comments (8)

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