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Saturn Returns!
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They found our car!

(If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, you probably don't read Tim's journal. The short version: our car was stolen from in front of our house Friday night/ Saturday morning. The policeman told us we were likely to get it back, as it wasn't the type to be stripped for parts, but we were still very sad and worried about our poor Phoebe all weekend long.)

Hee! I'm so relieved! There was a tight spot in my shoulders that I've had all weekend that is finally releasing with this news. The police called me at work to let me know they'd found it. It was parked the wrong way on Jean Street, and he called it "reasonably driveable -- there is one flat tire". I asked him if it was the front left tire and he said yes, how did I know? "That tire has had a slow leak for months now." I told him. He laughed. "Well, that's how you got it back, then -- they got a flat and had to abandon it!"

Hee! I can't believe that letting that slow leak annoy us for months has turned out to be a good thing!

Oh, my dear little car! I hope she's ok. I've had this worry all weekend that we'd get her back and she'd smell like B.O. inside . . . heh.

The bad news is that we have to pay $75 to release her from compound and I have to pick her up after work, and call AAA to have them put air in the tire for me before I can go home tonight. But we don't even care so much about the fees, we're so relieved to get our Phoebe back.

Phoebe, we promise to get your oil changed right away and use the club on you every time we park you, even if it's right in front of our house -- especially if it's right in front of our house!

Yay! Some good news for a Monday!

Read/Post Comments (23)

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