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Fa la la -- hiccup!
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Hee! Am on break at work and am most tipsy. Vendor gave us bottle of Zinfandel and since we all wanted to take it home we decided to split it over pizza today and even the shipping boy is a little buzzed. Very surreal feeeling, being buzzed at work!

I'm very fa la la today which is a great change from even yesterday, when I was still seething from the horrible process of getting stolen car back (took about 4 hours). I will maybe recount this miserable experience in the future and make it somewhat humorous for you, but for now I will jingle at you and giggle and be happiness because it's a mellow work day, ho ho ho, and it's Xmas eve (though I avoid using the Xmas word if I can, saying stuff like "Merry merry" which always makes me smile to say it). Someone tried to pick me up on the bus this morning with the Joey-from-friends line: "How *you* doing?" It was funny, and I was most unsexy as I happy holiday-d him and jingled the little-red-velvet-and-white-fluff-with-jingle-bells cat collar I'm wearing around my wrist today at him. Jingling a cat collar at someone is unsexy, trust me.

la la la la!

I'm excited about Xmas tomorrow! That's a lovely feeling!

Oh, I mean I'm excited about the *holiday* tomorrow, of course!

Tonight, dinner at Susan's! Tomorrow, much lugging of presents and eating of food with Holly, Mom & Aleister!

Hee! The cats looked at the baby the other night as if he was a horrible lagoon creature come to eat their brains. They were right to be scared -- the baby bit me when I wasn't paying attention and it HURT! Zanzi doesn't even bite that hard when he's mad at me!

Oh, I'm not really saying much right now and my break is nearing an end. I hope you're all having a lovely holiday-of-your-choice and that your cars stay where you left them last!

Fa la!

Read/Post Comments (4)

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