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You can add an "ex" or a "com" as a prefix to the title of this journal entry and they'd both be apt. I know I haven't updated in awhile. See, I've been sick pretty much the entire time since I last updated.

I've written this about 17 times, trying not to sound too whiny or pathetic, but the fact is, I'm probably both right now. I'm also really freakin' tired of being sick. It's hard on me, not being able to eat for fear of horrible pain, having good days where I think it's all over followed by periods of not being able to stand up straight. It's hard on Tim, who has pretty much been my angel, bringing me water and pain pills when I can't get to them, kissing away tears and reassuring me it won't last forever.

I saw a different doctor last week who was older and seemed to know more about what's wrong with me than my regular doctor does. He suggested a diet change, pretty much telling me to stop eating any dairy (yogurt apparently is ok, though), citrus (including tomatos!) or spicy foods (or greasy foods, which I tried to stay away from anyway). I've done this for a week now, and while I was still horribly sick last night, I'm hoping this might be the answer. It's a better cure than what I had before, which was "if it hurts too much, take this pill" (and that much took my doctor about a month to come up with).

While I've lost 3 pounds from this diet, I'm also terribly sick of plain pasta already.

Heh. If this keeps up, I might end up losing a lot of weight. Be careful what you wish for and all that.

I miss cheese. Thank goodness for soycheese, but they just don't make Parrano soygouda, you know?

Anyway, that's pretty much why I haven't been writing here. I just couldn't bear to put up something this dreary during the holidays.

I'm hoping to post a more hopeful, happy entry soon. Perhaps I shall even do the whole resolutions thing.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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