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Because it's been a while
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Sorry for the long time, no update, folks. I fell into a bad mood/ minor depression over the Thanksgiving weekend and only snapped out of it a couple of days ago. Of course, as soon as I feel better emotionally, I get sick. I woke up sweaty and tossing the covers off this morning -- this is not good because it's freezing in our house right now. Definitely running a fever. However, Alleve Cold and Sinus is a very good drug, even if I felt a little high and out of it all day long.

The only really big news lately is that my old college buddies -- everyone who lived in the "cool dorm" back then -- have made a mailing list and I've joined. I've spent the past couple of days in a delightful fog of nostalgia and geekdom. It's nice to chat with people again, to reminisce about drunken mishaps and to debate anew the merits of various science fiction shows (verdict: Star Trek is superior to Star Wars). It's so wonderful to rediscover old friends like this! Seriously, I haven't seen most of these people since I moved to California (over 7 years ago) and it's good to know they're still crazy and cool and smart. Sure, some of us have changed -- some have kids, many have interesting careers... Ah, you'd have had to lived in Cline Hall in the early 90's to not be bored with the ramble I'd like to go on right now. Anyhow, it's cool. It makes me very happy.

Back to watching Sports Night on DVD and drinking my tea. Tim's sick too so it's bound to be a fun weekend.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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